What are the Common Dental Problems?

Almost everybody faces dental problem at some stage in their lives. Sometimes dental issues are triggered because of not taking proper care of your teeth while in other cases they’re triggered by simply your genetics. Below are the common dental problems that you...

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4 Ways to Impress at Your Next Dentist Appointment

In the dental world, just like any other local dentist, Dr. Trent Smallwood has heard just about EVERY excuse to why someone doesn’t see him regularly, or why someone doesn’t floss… and honesty from time to time, we have all been guilty. Maybe sometimes, we just get a...

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Foods For Healthy Teeth and Gums

There have been some amazing advancements in the past decade in the dental world. From general care, whitening techniques, and safer, longer-lasting procedures keeping your teeth in tip-top shape, We have more ways to take care of our oral health than ever before....

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Tips to Keep Your Teeth Shiny White

Your smile has the power to make fans or create critics! Your gleaming grin can make it easy for people to approach you, chat confidently, or even help a personal or professional commitment move to the next level. A smile that flashes discolored teeth, however, can...

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5 Best Foods for Healthy Teeth

Proper nutrition has a lot to do with healthy teeth- no question, no denials. It is seen that all those who consume the right food and have great oral hygiene routinely flaunt a dazzling smile and people can’t resist but to smile back. People who are conscious about...

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