Wisdom Teeth

One of the most common dental surgeries performed by Dr. Smallwood is a wisdom tooth extraction. While wisdom teeth can benefit the overall health of your mouth when they position themselves properly, this is seldom the case.

At The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts, our Scottsdale dentist provides wisdom teeth extractions to patients who are in need.


Why Are Wisdom Teeth Often Removed?

There are a variety of reasons that wisdom teeth are removed, but generally the extraction is performed because of one of the following reasons:

  • Overcrowding— The wisdom tooth may continue to grow and impact the teeth around it. This can lead to overcrowding, and can damage surrounding teeth. An unhealthy wisdom tooth creates a “domino effect” where other teeth are damaged in the process.
  • Eruption— Wisdom teeth can partially erupt, thus creating a myriad of dental problems. This can include TMJ, jaw stiffness, and the formation of cysts. Wisdom tooth eruption can also lead to bacteria filling the periodontal pockets.

When should wisdom teeth be removed?

A wisdom tooth extraction should be performed earlier in life in order to prevent any complications or long-term side effects. Ideally, wisdom teeth can be removed in the teenage years, but definitely should be examined before the age of 30.

Since tooth roots are not fully formed at a younger age, the process of removing a wisdom tooth is much easier for both the patient and the dentist performing the procedure.

Are wisdom teeth your problem?

If you think that your wisdom teeth may need to be removed, then we encourage you to come visit our Phoenix dentist to discuss your needs. We provide gentle extractions to patients, thus helping them significantly reduce any immediate pain and long-term dental complications resulting from wisdom teeth.

The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts is here to help. To schedule your consultation, simply pick up the phone and call us today!


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