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In today’s world, dentistry does not have to be a feared science. With 21st century technology, we can now deliver state-of-the-art care with comfort and convenience. We no longer have to settle for old, ugly, cracked, silver fillings. Nor do crowns have to have metal edges showing at the gum line. Orthodontics can be done without metal, and teeth can be white and beautiful.

In short, we can all enjoy the advancements of modern general and cosmetic dentistry. The restorations placed today are very conservative, and after final placement, will be both virtually invisible and better for the tooth. These wonderful advancements in dentistry are not only natural, but also long-lasting.

So many dental offices throughout the country still practice with the old-fashioned dental philosophy, but at The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts you will receive the latest in dental technology. Our office has hundreds of hours of expanded continuing education to better serve you and your dental needs.

Here is an idea of what we have to offer with regard to modern dentistry and improved patient comfort:

Natural “tooth-colored” composite fillings Computer imaging and intra-oral cameras
Advanced whitening Movies or music while you are treated
Warm blankets for extra comfort Conservative and undetectable onlays (less aggressive than crowns)
More comfortable and effective anesthesia and sedation Lemon-scented facial towels
Digital x-rays (less x-ray exposure) Fresh baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies (just remember to brush after)
Laser cavity detection “Five star” service for you and your family
Optical magnification (2.5X with loupe eyewear) FDA approved migraine and tension headache therapy
Come and see us– you won’t believe what you have been missing. We are happy to show you what a trip to a top-notch cosmetic dentist should be like.


 Meet The Doctor

Dr. Trent W. Smallwood, DDS

In 1997, Dr. Trent W. Smallwood founded The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts in Tempe, Arizona. He is a graduate of Indiana University, and he completed specialized training in Dental Cosmetics from P.A.C-Live, and completed his Fellowship with the Fellowship Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (F.A.C.E). Dr. Smallwood teaches on numerous topics, educating other dentists on contemporary concepts of today’s dentistry.>
Dr. Smallwood is a cosmetic dentist who is also an international speaker and author of the best selling book, “Platinum Paradigm,” which is designed to aid dentists, patients, and ceramists in the art of smile design. Along with consulting and teaching with major dental manufacturers, laboratories, and his peers, Dr. Smallwood has been named the “Official Cosmetic Dentist” for the prestigious Miss Arizona USA, and Arizona United States pageants. He has been honored and awarded for excellence in prosthodontics in addition to being named the Co-Director with the Hornbrook Group. Dr. Smallwood is an Esthetic Instructor for P.A.C-Live, as well as a Premier Provider and Instructor for Invisalign®, and founder of the World Institute of Dental Esthetics. Local and national news teams have featured Dr. Smallwood and his innovative approach to educate patients on the modern technologies and philosophies in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Smallwood always finds time to be active in the community, and he is a proud father of twin daughters.

 Recent Smile

Smile by Design

Smile enhancement is a life-changing and extraordinary procedure. If you weren’t born with the smile of your dreams, our cosmetic dentist will create it for you.

  • When evaluating what many consider to be the components of beauty, a great smile is always atop popular survey lists.
  • Magazines like Redbook, Cosmo, GQ, and many more, have all written about how the smile is one of the first things people notice about you.
  • The smile is a key focal point of the face, and people who are proud of their smile tend to smile more often and get noticed.
  • With smile enhancement, you can look great and be proud to smile.

Smile enhancement is seamless and undetectable when viewed from even inches away. Your new teeth do not stain, and, with good home care and routine dental visits, can last a lifetime.

Please view the animations on this page to see examples of how smile enhancement has changed the lives of so many of our patients already.

Why Should I Consider Smile Enhancement?

If you have ever looked in a magazine, or have seen a celebrity’s smile, and wonder how they got such great teeth, the answer is most likely smile enhancement.

  • If you think you need braces, consider smile enhancement. Instead of waiting 2 years or more with a mouth full of metal, you could have your dream smile in less than a month, and in less than 3 visits. Orthodontics can straighten your teeth, but it cannot change size, shape, or color.
  • If you have sagging skin or wrinkles at the corner of your mouth, smile enhancement can take those unwanted “years” of aging away. In short, the smile lift, is a part of smile enhancement that acts as a dental fountain of youth. The smile lift has results similar to a face lift in that wrinkles are eliminated and the lower third of the face is lengthened. With the smile lift, you can look years younger, and never be touched with a surgeon’s scalpel.
  • If you think your teeth are dull, dark, yellow, and/or stained, and if home teeth whitening just doesn’t give you the desired result, smile enhancement is the answer. With age, or by nature’s unfortunate design, teeth may be an undesirable color. Smile enhancement changes nature’s curse, and not only makes teeth the whitest they can be, but also can make them more youthful. Additionally, with smile enhancement, you can have all of the coffee or red wine you want because your new smile will not stain.If you have a “gummy smile,” smile enhancement can give you reason to smile bigger than ever before. With smile enhancement, your teeth will be like a beautiful new painting. Everything about them will be perfect. In order to showcase your awesome new smile, you’ll want an equally beautiful frame. Your gums (or gingiva) are that frame. By changing the architecture of your gingival frame, say goodbye to the gummy smile, and hello to a picturesque, new smile.

How Do We Do It?

Your first visit for smile enhancement will be to meet with our general and cosmetic dentist at The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts, and to discuss both your desires and your concerns about the process. Together, you and Dr. Smallwood will develop a personalized smile design just for you.

Some measurements, impressions, and pictures will also be taken. Once a plan has been made, your follow-up appointments will be scheduled. If you wish, for the most relaxing dental experiences you may ever have, you may choose to have your next appointments be sleep dentistry visits. Sleep dentistry involves taking a pill an hour before the appointment. You will be conscious, but very relaxed, and extremely comfortable during the entire time at the office.

At the next visit, the teeth will be prepared for smile enhancement.

  • What this means, in short, is that a small amount of enamel (outer layer) will be removed from your existing teeth. By removing the discolored or misshaped enamel, we are creating space for your new and beautiful layer of porcelain veneers to be added.
  • When the visit is over, you will leave with a temporary smile enhancement.
  • Material will be added to your teeth that look similar to the final smile enhancement. This will give you a good idea of what the final smile enhancement will look like– only the final result will be so much better.
  • While you are wearing your temporary smile enhancement, you can see if there may be anything that you would like to change. We can change the size, shape, or contour however you like. This is important because you’ll want only the perfect result. You wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, and the temporary smile enhancement phase is a great time to give your smile a test drive.


Interested or want to know more?

If you are considering smile enhancement, please call our office today for a complimentary smile design consultation. At The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts, we pride ourselves on artistic ability and the highest quality of care.

Each smile is as individualized as you are, and at our office, we will give you and your smile superior attention to detail and personalized design. We will work with you to develop the smile you have always wanted.


Worried about your budget? Ask us about our incredible financing and payment options. At our office, we know that everyone is concerned about their budget. You’ll be amazed at how we can work with you, and how improving your smile and your life can truly be affordable.