Dental Bonding

Are you in need of a filling to enhance the appearance of one of your teeth? If so, then The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts can help. Our top-notch Phoenix dentist, Dr. Trent Smallwood, has performed countless cosmetic restorations via bonding.
There are many advantages to dental bonding (when compared to outdated, mercury fillings).

However, you must choose a cosmetic dentist that has the skills and experience necessary to ensure that your dental bonding procedure produces incredible results for your smile.

Choosing the right dentist for the procedure is important, because if the filling is not created or placed properly, the patient may experience breakage, or sensitivity in the tooth. However, cosmetic dental bonding is an excellent, long-lasting solution for repairing, restoring, or enhancing a damaged tooth (when done correctly).

Are you a good candidate for dental bonding?

When it comes to the bonding process, there are basically two types of bonding procedures, and they serve different purposes:

Cosmetic bonding

Restorations (fillings/repairs of chips, cracks, etc)

Cosmetic Bonding

At The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts, we use a highly aesthetic bonding material to fix dark or white spots on your teeth. In addition, we can repair chips or cracks in teeth, as well as reduce the appearance of crooked or misaligned teeth.

Cosmetic bonding is an excellent option to improve your smile, and our top-notch cosmetic dentist, Dr. Smallwood, will happily sit down with you and find the solution that is right for your dental needs.

Bonding for tooth restoration

One of the preferred methods of simple tooth restoration is to use tooth-colored fillings for small cavities, or to replace any mercury fillings that you currently have.

Depending on the severity of your case, porcelain bonding may be a more effective solution. However, making this choice is not something you will do alone, as Dr. Smallwood will share all of your options with you, and make recommendations based on his professional opinion.

Whatever the case may be, you can be assured that Dr. Smallwood and the team at The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts is on your side. Call our office today at 480-894-8101 to schedule your tooth bonding appointment!


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