Curious about how clear aligners, or Invisalign, move your teeth?

man with a smile and straight teeth from Invisalign

Teeth are easily persuaded with constant pressure. When you have the right pressures and tensions on a tooth, it will move. So, when force is put on a tooth, there is pressure on one side of the root and tension on the other. This causes the bone to disappear on that side where there’s force and grow new bone where there was tension. This makes the tooth move through your jawbone into a new position.

A clear aligner is basically a sheet of plastic that molds around your teeth, causing movement over time.  The precise and proper contact between the plastic material and the tooth assists with more exact tooth movements. Invisalign, is a complete plan with clear-cut steps, creating a series of maneuvers ultimately helping to literally move the plan along to reach the end goal of straight teeth.

There are no tray templates with Invisalign. This process will be completely customized to your mouth. Think of this as your tailor-made smile development plan. With traditional wire and bracket braces the teeth are continuously being controlled and that is how they work. Keep this in mind when executing your Invisalign plan. Since the trays can be taken out any time, you have to be disciplined and stick to your teeth straightening program. If you don’t keep pace with your adjusting trays, the entire process will be thrown off. Just imagine all the fantastic smiling you will be doing once your teeth are straight. So please make sure you stick with the plan and wear each tray for the intended amount of time. Don’t cheat yourself. Remember, your dental professional issuing your Invisalign treatment will help you along the entire way.

What to expect from Invisalign

So now that you know how Invisalign can get you that fantastic smile you deserve, lets go over some things to be aware of and what to expect when on your Invisalign journey.

Once you have your new trays, make sure to always keep them in your mouth. You can take the trays out when you eat, but make sure to brush your teeth and clean off the trays before putting them back in. It is important to be disciplined with this action for health reasons. These trays are made from plastic, so if they get hot liquid on them, then they can warp and won’t work as well anymore.

It is important to wear your Invisalign trays the whole time and keep moving up them as instructed. It is important to do this because if you don’t, you will need to start all over and have new trays made. Stay on the path your dentist has laid.

The first tray is the worst part. Your teeth may feel sore and uncomfortable. But think about it this way: your teeth have been sitting in your mouth for a long time and they are not happy with you moving them around so much.

It is time for you to take charge and get your best smile.

You will go through some sensitivity at the beginning of each new tray. You may just have to stick to soft foods on those days. Please note that these trays are made out of plastic so if they come in contact with any hot liquid, it could damage the integrity of the trays by warping them, ultimately destroying a critical step in your teeth straightening plan. There will be times where you won’t even remember the trays are in, usually close to moving to the next tray.

It will be hard at first, but it gets better. You will feel a little sensitive on days when you start a new tray. You might have to eat soft foods on those days. There may be times where you won’t even remember that the trays are in your mouth, usually before moving to the next one (tray).

We know that you’ve probably heard of Invisalign. They are one of the most popular brands when it comes to teeth straightening and they have a great reputation for results. When you visit their website, what do you find? You can see testimonials from happy customers who found success with this treatment option. The company also offers free consultations so people can learn more about how it works before committing to anything costly. If metal braces sound too scary or unnatural for your mouth, don’t fret! There is an alternative solution out there called Invisalign that uses clear aligners instead of metal brackets in order to get the same result without any fear on your end.