Proper nutrition has a lot to do with healthy teeth- no question, no denials.

It is seen that all those who consume the right food and have great oral hygiene routinely flaunt a dazzling smile and people can’t resist but to smile back.

People who are conscious about oral health often visit their dentist in Tempe for a regular check-up, cleaning, and polishing. Moreover, they also limit the intake of alcohol, soda, coffee and sugary foods to maintain a brilliant smile. However, little do they know about those foods that lower the risk of tooth decay!

Today, we have listed the top 5 foods that are absolutely teeth-friendly. Have a read and make sure to incorporate these in your everyday meal.

1. Leafy Veggies


Consumption of green leafy vegetables is ideal to promote healthy teeth and gums. Kale, Spinach, and other green goodness prevent gum diseases and helps in building teeth’s enamel.

2. Apple


An apple a day keeps the teeth problems away! Yes, we rephrased this famous proverb and assure you that it still holds true. Apples are rich in fiber and water and each time you chew a crunchy apple, you are actually washing the remains of food and bacteria away. You can eat an apple after your lunch to give a good scrubbing to your teeth.

3. Cheese


Cheese is one of those foods which are tasty and healthy for oral health. It is a rich source of calcium that strengthens tooth enamel and increases the stimulation of saliva in the mouth.

4. Almonds


Almonds are the ultimate superfood that brims with protein and tooth-building calcium. You can add a handful of almonds in your salad or everyday meal and ensure good oral health.

5. Carrots


The last food that deserves a mention in this list is carrots. These are the best source of Vitamin A, full of fiber and improve the saliva production- all reducing the risk of developing cavities.

These foods shall be consumed frequently to maintain a pearly-white grin. You can get detailed info about these and other nurturing foods on your next visit to the dental office in Tempe.

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