Tempe Dentist Opening Dental School in 2018

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Dr. Trent Smallwood, a top-rated dentist in Tempe, AZ, and known for his expertise in the world of cosmetic dentistry, is preparing to open a dental academy in Tempe this year. The Contemporary Dental Academy will focus on providing education and certification for individuals studying to be a dental assistants, and will also be providing a course to provide certification for Dental Front Office Management. Dr. Smallwood’s knowledge in dental concepts, as well as being a top-100 rated speaker in the dental industry, will give students at Contemporary Dental Academy an opportunity to learn from one of best leaders in the dental world today.

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Dental Assistant Program
The Dental Assistant Program at Contemporary Dental Academy is a 3-month, 7 module course, giving students an opportunity to study such things as tooth anatomy, understanding dental computer programs, X-Rays, and more. The course will be a combination of online classes, which include video training with Dr. Trent Smallwood, and hands on training to help students learn in a real-time environment. In addition, both online courses and in-house training will provide peer interaction, as well as interaction with Dr. Smallwood and the Contemporary Dental Academy Team.

Dental Front Office Program
The Dental Front Office Program is a 2-1/2 Month, 6 module course, giving current front office managers, and those looking to be certified, an opportunity to learn industry programs and services, customer best practices, and tools and training to be effective leaders and managers for dental offices today. From learning dental language and fundamentals, to employment Strategies, the Dental Front Office Program will be a vital and effective training course to help individuals become stronger managers, and building an opportunity for a long and rewarding career.

The Contemporary Dental Academy is located adjacent to the Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts, Dr. Trent Smallwood’s dental office in Tempe. Opening for the academy is later in 2018, and will be accepting enrollment and providing financial aid options soon.

For more information on Contemporary Dental Academy’s courses, including pricing and enrollment, visit their official website, www.dentalschoolaz, or call 480-223-0911.

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