Smoking Stains on Porcelain Fillings

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Everybody wants to have a gorgeous smile. A healthy, white smile makes people feel attractive and confident. People who have decaying or stained teeth often feel self-conscious about their appearance. Some people go to great lengths to hide their unsightly teeth and will refuse to smile or laugh around others. Thankfully modern day dentistry offers many terrific solutions for people who want to improve oral health and achieve a beautiful smile. The latest technological advances make it possible for a person to improve the appearance of their teeth dramatically in a short period.

Maintaining an Attractive White Smile

Nothing makes a better first impression than a beautiful white smile. White teeth make a person look healthy and more youthful. Yellow teeth are often associated with poor hygiene and aging. Certain foods such as coffee, tea, dark colas and red wine stain the teeth. This is because tooth enamel is porous.

Many people brush their teeth with whitening toothpaste products and although this helps prevent cavities it cannot prevent serious stains from developing and may damage teeth over time. Dr. Peter Boulden of Atlanta Dental Spa 3189 Maple Drive Northeast, Atlanta GA 30305 advises people to avoid abrasive whitening toothpastes and alcohol based pigmented mouthwash brands that could harm teeth. The only safe way for people to whiten their teeth is to undergo professional whitening sessions or to use a dentist approved whitening kit.

Dealing with Smoking Stains on Porcelain Fillings

Cigarette smokers experience the greatest amount of staining. Nicotine can cause severe tooth stains over time. Long-term smokers often have yellow and brown stained teeth that are easy to spot. Although porcelain fillings and veneers are stain-resistant, smokers who have had dental work completed in the past may find the shade of their fillings no longer matches the color of their teeth.

Unfortunately professional tooth whitening treatments are not permanent. People who continue to drink dark beverages or smoke will find that their teeth will continue to darken over time. Most people can enjoy whiter teeth for several years before they need another professional whitening treatment.

Some patients prefer to take home a professional tooth whitening kit provided by the dental office so they can whiten their teeth on their own. The kits include a high quality whitening solution and mouth trays. People who want to have their teeth professionally whitened can visit the dental office to find out more about the options available.

The Benefits of Porcelain Fillings and Veneers

Porcelain or “ceramic” fillings are made from tiny particles of Leucite reinforced porcelain. Sometimes they are called “inlays” or “onlays”. According to the American Dental Association (ADA) all-porcelain dental materials are well tolerated by patients and highly resistant to wear. Porcelain fillings bond with enamel creating a strong surface. The material acts as a sealant, which protects the tooth from decay. If properly cared for ceramic fillings can last many years so patients do not have to worry about having them replaced frequently.

Porcelain looks very much like enamel because it reflects light in the same way and can be colored to match any tooth shade perfectly. Ceramic fillings are the perfect choice for people who need to have dental work completed but want to maintain a natural looking smile.

The ceramic fillings are also a terrific choice for those who have sensitive teeth due to metal fillings. Many people who have metal fillings experience pain or discomfort when they consume hot or cold foods and beverages. This is due to the metal’s high thermal conductivity and expansion properties. People who have ceramic fillings are less likely to experience temperature related sensitivity because it’s more of a thermal insulator and doesn’t expand the way metal does.

When to See the Dentist

People should have any small cavities filled right away to avoid larger dental problems. Tooth decay can spread throughout the tooth causing pain and discomfort. Once the cavity reaches the root of the tooth, it can cause severe pain and swelling. At this point, a person who wants to keep their tooth must undergo a root canal to stop the pain.

Frequent brushing and flossing removes plaque and bacteria, which helps to prevent cavities. Plaque contains acid-producing bacteria that breaks down the enamel and dentin that protects the tooth and nerve. Smaller cavities are difficult to detect but they can become a huge problem if they are not dealt with quickly. Some offices offer technology like a Diagnodent which uses laser technology to find decay in the tooth. In order to diagnose tooth decay patients must have their teeth examined on a regular basis and have x-rays of their teeth taken. It is always best to visit the dentist to have a cavity filled before it progresses.


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