Create the perfect smile with phoenix orthodontic treatment

n addition to options like veneers and implant dentistry, which can fix the small issues with a patients smile, we are also proud to offer orthodontics in Phoenix. Using modern options, our dentists can straighten and perfect any issues, improving the overall look of any smile.

Phoenix Orthodontics Can Fix dental issues big or small

Many patients come into the office requesting the Invisalign system to improve their smile. While Invisalign is very popular and effective, it can only work in certain situations. For patients looking to correct significant issues, traditional orthodontics are the best way to achieve drastic results. However, at The Centre for Contemporary Dental Concepts, orthodontics does not necessarily mean old fashioned metal braces. Our practice is run under the philosophy of non-metal dentistry, meaning we encourage our patients to encourage alternative options, like porcelain braces. These options are less likely to leave marks on the surface of teeth or gums after treatment, leaving the patient with an unblemished smile they will be proud to show off.

In Phoenix, Orthodontics do not have to be painful

Dr. Smallwood emphasizes the comfort of each patient. Using state of the art tools and the experience he has gained over years of working on orthodontics in Phoenix, he helps each patient to understand the process of having orthodontic improvements and what to expect.

After orthodontic treatment is completed, we can put the finishing touches on your new, beautiful smile. Our office also offers tooth whitening and re-contouring to complement the results of orthodontic treatment. The white, even smile of a celebrity is attainable for anyone with the right dental care. Contact our office at (480) 894-8101 today to schedule a consultation.

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